Connect your blogspot to your custom domain: Short post

  1. Login to and go to Settings -> Basic. Input your domain in the Third party domain settings field.
  2. Copy host and destinations (Highlighted in blue) and paste to the domain DNS settings later.
  3. Download the DNS settings and copy the values so we can add those values to the DNS setting as well.
  4. To redirect to www always, check the radio button (Highlighted in green).
  5. Select yes for both HTTPS Availability and HTTPS Redirect to enable https [No need to buy a service to enable https].

Blogspot domain settings

Now lets change DNS settings of the domain. [ DNS settings UI might differ based on the vendor, bu the method is the same.]

DNS Settings

Add A and CNAME records to your domain according to the image to enable both and

I have done this far too many times and most of the instructions I found on the internet contain too much description.

Hope this will be the most simple explanation ever.

UPDATE 2020/07/18

Blogspot UI was updated recently.

First, I added the custom domain to the Blogspot. When you include that you will be given more information on how to add CNAME records to your domain. After that, I enabled redirection from non-WWW to WWW.

Add domain to Blogspot

Redirect to WWW

Next, update the records in GoDaddy. All the records I have added are marked with black arrows.

Update GoDaddy

The final step is to enable https.  Blogspot provides you free https and you can enable it if you wish to.

Enable https