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Morning Machine
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The Smart Coffee Machine

This coffee machine will enable you to brew great coffee at home while providing you the ability to control temperature, output, and pressure. The machine comes with wifi and a mobile application that enables you to control all these parameters.

The machine comes with several default recipes, and once you got the machine, you can start brewing straight away, even without connecting it to wifi. When connected to the wifi, you can use the mobile application to create more recipes with different configurations.

From the mobile application, you will be able to browse more recipes under different roasters. The app will also enable you to create your own recipes and manage recipes in the machine, among other many features.

Roaster recipes

Brew and create recipes

Manage machine recipes

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The Technology

The Coffee Machine and the Eco-system use several technologies such as Microcontrollers, C programming, Cloud Technologies, Java, Android, and Swift.

How It works

The Coffee machine and the mobile application are backed by a Java REST API and AWS Cloud Technologies. All the user data and recipes are stored securely in AWS RDS Databases. We have used various mechanisms to secure the communication among the mobile app, API, and the Machine.

As a fast-growing startup, we have utilized many AWS Services, and it helped us deliver the product on time as we had planned. Java is at the core of our Software system, and the Spring framework and other Java technologies were used when developing the APIs. In addition, CICD was utilized to develop and release new features because delivering quality features as fast as possible to our customers is one of our main goals.

The Machine uses several hardware components integrated with microcontrollers and the C programming language.

When developing all the Hardware and Software components, we made sure that we follow the best practices and patterns in the industry to ensure that we provide a secure, quality product to our clients.

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